Why Alex Perry and all our clients choose Cre8ive Travel Corporate.

ALEX PERRY: “I work in a creative industry, I’m constantly travelling the world…”
A Travel manager that can anticipate my needs, understands my expectations, co-ordinates and executes my global arrangements flawlessly is crucial….

Trust me when I say this…. Tina Salvaggio & Cre8ive Travel are in a league of their own….”

At Cre8ive travel, we believe business travel should be personal. We take the stress, and formality, out of corporate travel. Forgot the small part about confirming your favourite room, your car hire pick up location or even your hotel check-in time? Don’t worry, we didn’t!

As a boutique travel service our ability to focus on individual client needs brings us to the forefront of new age travel, with the ability to deliver professionally without compromise.

You can say we have redesigned the travel industry throwing it back to the days of real personal service…the days when you actually knew your bank manager.

We are people oriented, articulate, proactive, analytical and think outside the square to solve all your travel program challenges. That’s why you’ll only ever receive dedicated service from consultants you can work with closely. You can rely on us 24/7 for support and assistance, and you can trust our people with every aspect of your travel management.

Alex Perry wouldn’t have it any other way… so why should you!