Cre8ive Travel / Insurance


Don’t forget to cover your travel butt!

Organising Travel Insurance is an essential part of your pre-travel “to-do” list.

Whatever or wherever your adventure or journey leads you…
life never goes as planned….
so ensure your peace of mind and take out Travel insurance….
so you can focus on enjoying your trip and just have fun!!!

Purchase your travel insurance with our preferred and reputable insurance provider so that you can make sure to cover the following*:
-lost luggage
-if your tour is cancelled due to insufficient numbers
-flight or other travel cancellations
-access to 24 hour emergency assistance anywhere in the world
-and so you won’t be left with thousands of dollars of unexpected bills if things do go wrong.

*Subject to the Plan you have selected and the Product Disclosure Statement (including the terms, conditions, exclusions and limits of cover).

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